life is art.

Everything is art. Everything, everything.

The way I cook my morning breakfast is art. The way I engage with my nephews is art. The way I lean into every stretch and deeply feel the pull on my body after a run is art. I live deeply, breathing life into every moment. I am an artist.
There's romance in everything if you look. In the patterns our eyes create to decipher the world. In the fractals the dry, crisp branches of winter trees make against the sky. In death, in life, in sadness, and in joy. I am deeply, at heart, an artist and I photograph from the heart because I aim to feel and connect with every click of my shutter.
You artists out there know who you are. You know that ephemeral, inexplicable, ineffable feeling that arises from something greater and deeper than words can say when you're in the moment, creating. I am a creator, like you. I am an artist, like you. I live for the laughs, for the joy, for the sorrow, for the fun. I am swayed by a tug in my chest that pulls me to the right moments to photograph. I am led by a thing greater than myself.
If you understand this - if this resonates with you - I can't help but feel that we must be kindred spirits and I hope to get the chance to connect with you and to serve you and to help you create art in the form of tangible, lasting memories.


My three spastic nephews
My work at the Humane Society
Writing and literature
Travel and culture
Thrift shopping

Mama dogs that have had litters
Jim Beam
Boiled artichokes
The smell of moss
Finding a good deal
Buying art supplies I'll only use once
Animals with basic male names like "Steve"
Sparkling water

Thing that fill my heart with passion (and often get me rambling):

A few things that I love for no good reason at all:

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My indulgence for travel and art comes through in my fine art film prints available for sale. My work primarily lingers within the Oregon Coast, as it's a place and refuge I escape to regularly to breathe deeply and explore my art further. To view my print shop, click here.



I photograph animals for my local Humane Society. I love my work there. Every dog I photograph is so unique and so special. I am more than happy to answer questions about this passion work and guide you in choosing an animal to be a part of your forever family.

To view currently available fur babies at my local shelter in Vancouver, WA, click here.

To read more about my work with these animals and how it's impacted me, click here.

adopt, don't shop


Photography is the big love affair in my life. I love to teach and share the knowledge I've been able to gather thus far. For those just starting out, I am beyond happy to connect and answer questions. Reach me on my Instagram or leave me a note.

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