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A photographic session should be an experience, totally unique in every way just like you. The inspiration of the session comes down to only this: what makes you, you. On some occasions, this means a hike and coffee at the top of a mountain. In other stories, this means an exploration through the heart of the city. For some souls, it means a drive down the coast in an old Mustang, and for others, a blanket beneath the stars to the humming of summer bugs.
Whatever your story is, the heart of it is always laughter; joy; and fun. To capture this is the aim of Jaclyn Olson Photography.

"I'm obsessed - I'm already crying! You are a miracle worker, seriously! They look amazing! I'm so happy I chose you to do my photos! Literally never want anyone else to do them!"


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Weddings are a celebration of that which makes us human. Time-honored; built on tradition and culture; rooted around love and family. To be chosen to document something as sacred as a wedding goes beyond words. To learn more about weddings by Jaclyn Olson Photography...

"You really outdid yourself today and made it such an amazing experience. You were so friendly and kind and made us feel so comfortable! We will definitely have you take pictures for us again."

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Whether you've just gotten engaged, had an anniversary, or want a session to hang on your wall, these are the heart of romantic photography. Join me in a completely interactive planning phase as we design a session that is all about you and who the two of you are when you're together. For more information on couple's sessions...

"Jaclyn is not only a sweet individual and a pleasure to work with, but her photos are amazing. My fiance and I...don't know what to do when we're photographed and we were completely at ease with Jaclyn, and even had fun and forgot our picture was being taken at times."


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Boudoir refers to a woman's private bedroom in French.  Boudoir photography is a tasteful, elevated art that seeks to find those things that make you beautiful. The texture of skin; the lines of stretch marks and time; the delicacy of a woman wrapped in whispers and lace: this is boudoir photography. For more information...

"[Jaclyn] showed a great deal of interest in getting to know us and our preferences, and her photos really captured the spirit of the event. Her friendliness, professionalism, and flexibility helped us to relax and enjoy the day. Highly recommended!"

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Jaclyn's approach to photography is unique in that she dives deeply into the storytelling aspect. She aims to create albums that feel interactive; so that it's not a moment that is captured but a sequence of events that can be relived over and over again in vivid detail.
Jaclyn specializes in wedding, engagement, boudoir, and maternity photography but explores all kinds of photography. She can make use of every lighting situation and is not daunted by any form of weather.
Jaclyn shoots a mix of film and digital to achieve the timeless, watercolor look that viewers can't help but love even if they don't know why. For more on her film work, click here.
Aside from her commercial work, Jaclyn also does photography for the local animal shelter. For more information on available dogs and this work, click here.
Jaclyn's vision of artistry centers around rawness and authenticity. She looks to connect with couples that love real and love hard; that have never let go of their inner child; that aren't afraid to laugh. Her modus operandi is simply to have fun and her body of work reflects this. These are the stories that she loves to tell.

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